What is Mr. Blue Shoes?

An interactive live stream concert assembly program that inspires and educates kids through music. Have you ever wanted to bring a performer to your school but budget didn’t allow it? Now is your chance to provide your students with a live music experience without having to leave campus.

Who is Mr. Blue Shoes?

Mr. Blue Shoes is a Grammy Award winning blues guitarist from Dallas, Texas, USA who has become the top performer in arts education. To date, he has performed at over 1,200 schools in the United States to over 350,000 students. His program has become successful because he understands that kids need more than just classroom instruction. There needs to be something to tie it all together. The internet age, social media and other platforms has brought a whole new set of challenges for teachers and students and seeing these changes occur Mr. Blue Shoes has stayed on the cutting edge of making sure kids stay engaged with what they are learning.

Why should my students, school, or library participate in this live stream?

As with many things in life, they can only be learned through experience. As teachers have commented, live presentations such as this one provide in invaluable experience to students. As one teacher exclaims "What you do would be so hard for me to teach a child. The feeling of the chords and music, is just not something I can't teach."

The program also integrates with curriculum so time spend out of class is not lost on something that will not benefit students. 

Most schools want to participate in fieldtrips, assembly programs and other live experiences for their students, but with the increased workload brought on by testing and other time sensitive activities, these valuable experiences are becoming more sparse.

Who else is doing this program?

The most exciting thing about the Mr. Blue Shoes Live stream is that it is the first of its kind in the digital age. Not only do students have the opportunity to interact directly with the performer in the live stream, they also may be other schools, libraries and students from all over the world tuned into the live stream. switch between camera angles live The live stream is nothing like a video you can find on the internet. This is an inteactive experience that is relative to the agesMr. Blue Shoes has performed at over 12000 schools. That's about 350,000 kids that have already participated in the program. You can also visit the tour page for a complete list of upcoming tour dates. 

What does it cost?

Program costs vary depending on location, time of year and when you book. Mr. Blue Shoes has programs that meet a variety of budgets. Even if you do not have the funding, we can provide information that will help you make this program happen. 

Ready to join the livestream?

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