What is Mr. Blue Shoes?

An interactive assembly program that inspires and educates kids through music. 

Why should I bring this program to my school, library or theater?

As with many things in life, they can only be learned through experience. As teachers have commented, live presentations such as this one provide in invaluable experience to students. As one teacher exclaims "What you do would be so hard for me to teach a child. The feeling of the chords and music, is just not something I can't teach."

The program also integrates with curriculum so time spend out of class is not lost on something that will not benefit students. 

Who else is doing this program?

Mr. Blue Shoes has performed at over 1000 schools. That's about 350,000 kids that have already participated in the program. You can also visit the tour page for a complete list of upcoming tour dates. 

What does it cost?

Program costs vary depending on location, time of year and when you book. Mr. Blue Shoes has programs that meet a variety of budgets. Even if you do not have the funding, we can provide information that will help you make this program happen. 

Interested in booking?

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