About Me

“Even though the older Blues Legends are departed, Michael Dyson, a gifted musician – electrifyingly inspires children, as he carries on the Blues tradition and passes the torch for America’s music, it’s impact on our nation’s history and it’s unique tradition in world music to future generations.”
— Ginger Head, Founder, Imagination Celebration, Fort Worth

With his easygoing style, backwards baseball cap, iconic blue shoes, and a comedic persona, Mr. Blue Shoes is anything but a conventional Bluesman …

Mr. Blue Shoes is the brainchild of Michael Dyson, Grammy Award winning producer, youth entertainer, guitarist and performer. To date, Dyson has shared his unique version of the Blues story with over 240,000 children.

As a senior in high school, Michael served as a mentor, offering third graders a helping hand and an understanding ear. His funny and humble demeanor became infectious. This experience uncovered Dyson’s unique ability to motivate and inspire children.

Michael co-founded The Blue Shoes Project, a nonprofit dedicated to introducing young audiences to living Blues Legends. The seed for the creation of Mr. Blue Shoes was planted by the inspiration that Dyson received from the children that he inspired and the participating legendary Blues artists he worked with through Blue Shoe.